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GolfQuis is a learning app with the defined purpose of helping golfers to learn and remember the rules of golf.
GolfQuis is different from other forms of learning because it is based on the principle of gamification. The concept of gamification essentially involves adding game elements to learning and development processes. Gamification is increasingly being used for learning in educational and business environments as it has been found that the game element has a motivating effect and thereby strengthens learning.

A new way to learn the rules of golf
GolfQuis is specifically designed to help golfers learn and improve their understanding of the rules of golf. The app uses methods for learning that most golfers find motivating, educational, and fun by focusing on the user.

The world’s largest golf rule quiz 
The engine in GolfQuis is the world’s largest golf rule quiz with thousands of questions across six levels. All questions are audited and approved by certified national and international golf referees. The questions introduce the player to most of the rule situations he or she will encounter on the golf course. The player receives instant feedback after each question and can choose to read the rule after each answer.

Try it for yourself
You will find further information about Why GolfQuis works and some information about our Clubhouse program below, but the best way to understand what the app can do for you and your members is to try GolfQuis yourself. Download a one-week free trial on Apple App Store or Google Play GolfQuis. 

GolfQuis Clubhouse

If you agree that GolfQuis will add value to your members and help them learn the rules of golf enjoyably and effectively, please read more about our free program for clubs and associations.

Why GolfQuis Works

If you want to understand the learning principles behind GolfQuis, please watch our short presentation.

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If you have any questions about GolfQuis, or what we can do for you and your members, please contact us: greenkeeper@golfquis.com

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