Learn the golf rules the way

GolfQuis is an app you can download to your iPhone or Android smartphone and, in a fun and intuitive way, will help you learn and remember the golf rules.

When you register and start the app, you will be appointed a Golf Rule Handicap, which will improve as you get better at understanding the rules. In GolfQuis, your buffer zone moves in reaction to your Golf Rule Handicap. The difficulty of the questions increases as you adjust down through the six levels – just as you know it from the golf course.

Each game in GolfQuis matches a round of golf with 18 questions. You can play solo games, challenge your golf friends in a rule match or you can participate in tuning, made by GolfQuis, a sponsor or maybe by your local golf club.

In GolfQuis there are more than 2,000 questions on the rules divided into six levels. All questions are prepared and approved by golf experts and golf referees.

In addition to the rules, in Q1- 2019 we will release a trivia quiz part. The GolfTrivia will have more than 2000 questions. Did you know, for example, what a “forecaddie” is, or who the captain of the US 2018 Ryder Cup team was? The Trivia quiz has the same gameplay as the rule quiz, and you will receive a separate hcp. for GolfTrivia.

With GolfQuis, you can enjoy golf all year – even outside the track, and become smarter while you do it.

Download GolfQuis today – enjoy!

Be ready with GolfQuis

The English language version of GolfQuis will be released in February 2019.
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