Learn the rules of golf

GolfQuis helps you to learn and remember the rules of golf in an efficient and fun way through the quiz gameplay. In GolfQuis, there are more than 2,000 questions on the rules of golf. All of the questions have been developed and validated by golf experts and golf referees. 

Every game in GolfQuis matches a round of golf and consists of 18 questions. You can play a solo game, challenge your golfing friends in a rule match, or participate in tournaments organized by GolfQuis, a sponsor, or perhaps even your local golf club.

When you start, you will be appointed a Golf Rule Handicap, which will improve as you get a better understanding of the rules. The difficulty of the questions increases as you move down through the six levels of golf rule questions and your rule handicap improves—just like on the golf course.

GolfQuis is recommended for both experienced players and new golfers who want to learn or become better acquainted with the rules of golf rules – or for anyone who just wants to have fun with golf outside the golf course. With GolfQuis, you can enjoy golf all year round, and become smarter while you do it. 

Download GolfQuis today and enjoy!