GolfQuis Clubhouse - For clubs and associations

Enter GolfQuis clubhouse and help club members learn the rules of golf in a fun and effective way.

When you sign up your club for the GolfQuis clubhouse, your club will receive a unique club number, that will allow your members to easily find other club members for match games and tournaments. Both individual members and the club will be shown on the GolfQuis ranking page, where members can compare themselves with other members of the club, and the club can benchmark against other clubs.

Registration for the GolfQuis clubhouse is free for the club or association. For association and clubs with more than 100 GolfQuis players, we offer a free annual club tournaments in the Rules of Golf, when convenient for the club and members. Sign up today – it’s free, and your members will appreciate it!

What will happen after you have signed up?
We will, within a few days, send you a welcome email with your official club or association Clubhouse number. This is the number your members can use in the GolfQuis app. We will also provide you with some standard text and graphics that you can apply directly to your newsletter or use for inspiration.

What do you need to do after you have informed your members about GolfQuis?
Absolutely nothing – the member will take care of the golf rules education themselves.

I want to help our members to learn the rules of golf in an efficient and fun way

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