User Terms - GolfQuis

User Terms – GolfQuis

The GolfQuis website and app are owned and operated by:

Appicorn ApS
CVR: DK36696109

Our site address is:
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GolfQuis is an app designed to help the user learn golf rules in a fun and efficient way. To use GolfQuis, you need to have Internet access and use an Apple or Android phone or tablet (from now on referred to as Device).

GolfQuis Golf Rules are divided into six levels. The easiest (level six) can be played for free. For access to the other levels and tournaments from level 5 and down, you must buy a subscription. We reserve the right at any time and without notice to change the conditions for free games.

There are two types of subscription: monthly and one-year. The monthly subscription runs for one month from the date of purchase. The annual subscription runs for 12 months from the date of purchase. Both subscription types are renewed continuously until actively terminated. A subscription can be canceled immediately after purchase and up until 24 hours before a new subscription period starts. Termination of the subscription is handled via the device for your Apple or Google Play account.

Subscriptions are settled solely through your App Store or Google Play account.

We strive to ensure that all information is correct and accurate, but we make reservations for errors and omissions. We disclaim any liability for any loss that may occur as a result of using information from GolfQuis. Decisions of rule disputes in connection with, but not limited by, golf tournaments must always be made according to the official golf rules made by R&A and USGA.

By using the GolfQuis app, you agree to comply with applicable international law, including but not limited to:
Only use the GolfQuis in a way that does not support illegal activity, including but not limited to copyright violation.
Do not attempt to get unauthorized access to the app or network, servers, or any other computer system associated with the app.

Content, including rules, texts, images, graphics, logos, audio content or similar may be used solely in playing the GolfQuis game. Excluded are your personal information (See “Privacy Policy”). You may not copy, publish, distribute, or reproduce any material for any purpose without the written permission of GolfQuis.

Excerpts from the Golf Rules and interpretations are reprinted with permission. Copyright © (2019) R & A Rules Limited. All rights reserved.

All questions; Copyright © (2019) Appicorn ApS / GolfQuis. All rights reserved.

GolfQuis reserves the right to terminate your GolfQuis account under the following conditions:

The account is used to harass other players, for example, but not limited to, using racist, discriminatory, or other forms of degrading communication.

There is no active subscription, and there has been no activity in the account for a period of 13 months.

Privacy Policy
GolfQuis uses your personal information per our privacy policy. You can find our privacy policy here. By using the GolfQuis app, you accept the terms described in our User Terms and Privacy Policy.

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