Learn the rules of golf .. the smart way

The most enjoyable and effective way to learn golf rules

GolfQuis is a learning app with the defined purpose of helping golfers to learn and remember the rules of golf.
GolfQuis is different from other forms of learning because it is based on the principle of gamification. The concept of gamification essentially involves adding game elements to learning and development processes. Gamification is increasingly being used for learning in educational and business environments as it has been found that the game element has a motivating effect and thereby strengthens learning.

The questions in GolfQuis
Based on the 24 Rules of Golf, GolfQuis contains more than 2,000 quiz questions on six levels. The questions are designed so that the player will come across most of the rule situations that he or she will encounter on the golf course. More questions are continuously being developed. All of the questions are created by golf professionals and audited by certified national and international golf officials.

The Game
You can play solo games, match games against an opponent, or participate in tournaments. The game includes a handicap system that is reminiscent of what you know from the golf course. Just like on the golf course, the handicap system allows you to play against other players no matter your or your competitor’s level. Whatever type of game you prefer, you will learn every time you play a round of GolfQuis.

Experienced or new golfer?
GolfQuis is recommended for both experienced players and new golfers who want to learn or become better acquainted with golf rules. It can also be for anyone who wants to have fun with golf outside the golf course.

Try GolfQuis for free
A free trial is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Why not try it? You only risk getting better at the rules of golf. If you decide to move on with the full version, the price is around the same as two new golf balls.

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