The rules officials testing group

During the GolfQuis app development, we have regularly asked our users if they are happy with GolfQuis – and most importantly, if they have improved their knowledge about golf rules by using the GolfQuis app. In the latest user survey, 93% answered positively that they had improved their understanding of golf rules, which we are very happy about.

We recently completed an extended test run with a small group of very experienced golf rules officials from four continents. It was a productive process, and we got a lot of qualified input that has resulted in some improvements to the app, and more will follow in the upcoming updates.

When we ended the test run, we conducted a short questionnaire. Nine out of the ten rules officials completed the survey, and all nine officials answered that they would recommend GolfQuis for learning the rules of golf. We are very proud of the result and truly grateful for the rules officials’ commitment and help.

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