No, GolfQuis is not free, but we strive to keep a low price – so that all golfers can use GolfQuis for rules education.

You can try all the basic quiz functions using the one-week free trial. If you like to continue to use GolfQuis after the trial, you need to purchase a GolfQuis Pro subscription. The subscription gives you full access to thousands of up-to-date golf rules questions, solo/match games, and much more.

One year subscription costs $4,99 (US) – but can be different in other countries because of local taxations. If you like to see the exact price for GolfQuis Pro in your country, it’s available Apple App Store or Google Play.

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The GolfQuis Pro subscription is purchased and handled through your account at the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). If you wish to change or cancel your GolfQuis Pro subscription, you must do this under subscriptions on phone/tablet.

You can read more about subscriptions here:

Apple subscription LINK

Android subscription: LINK

Category: Subscription
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