Why GolfQuis is an effective way to learn the Rules of Golf

GolfQuis uses 5 principles for effective learning .. and remembering: Information – Motivation – Relevance – Feedback – Repetitions

We have made a short presentation about why GolfQuis is an effective way to learn the Rules of Golf. You can find it here: PRESENTATION

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After completing a level, you have the option to receive a diploma, if you finish a round with a perfect score (36 points). Remember that the diploma will show your player name – if you have used an alias but want your full name on the diploma, you have to change your name in your profile before receiving your diploma. You will find the diplomas in the menu “my turn.”


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The GolfQuis game is built around a handicap system. It’s made close to the handicap system you know from Golf. Your GolfQuis handicap will improve as you get better at the rules, but just like on the golf course – it will get harder to improve your GolfQuis handicap the lower it gets.

The handicap also allows you to play with other players who know more or less about the Rules of Golf than you – exactly as you know it from the golf course.

You can see the buffer zones and more in the app. Click “Overview” and “GolfRuleHandicap.”

Category: Gameplay

GolfQuis features more than 2100 golf rule related questions. We are constantly working on developing new quiz questions so the number will be increasing over time.

All of the questions are according to the official rules of golf and have been developed by golf experts and validated by golf referees.


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